If it's worth celebrating, it's worth ordering a unique cake for!

Weddings and Civil Ceremonies

Cakes designed to mark the special day in your life.

Classic wedding cake

Textured lace wedding cake

Art deco style celebration cake

Swirls and Roses

Seasonal Cakes

Christmas, Halloween, Summer, and Easter cakes

Christmas Cake

Haunted house cake

Harry Potter spell book

Christmas Fireside

Other Celebration Cakes

Cakes made to celebrate various occasions, not necessarily a birthday or wedding.

Caretaker Retirement cake

20th anniversary celebration

A ‘Warranted’ Brownie

Order of Malta cake

Christenings, Communions, and Confirmations

Cakes to mark various religious landmarks in your child's life.

Girls Christening cake

Girls Christening

Boys Christening

Boys Christening – Toy Train

Children Birthday

Browse our wide range of childrens birthday cakes below

Hogwarts cake

Nemo Cake

Ben10 cake

Number 1 birthday cake

Adult Birthday

Browse our wide range of adult birthday cakes below

Radio Cake

Gugai Cake

Car Cake

Hollywood and Oscars Cake