If it's worth celebrating, it's worth ordering a unique cake for!

Cakes designed especially for girls.
Not for Muggles!

Hogwarts cake

Number 1 cake

Number 1 birthday cake

Bart Simpson Cake

Bart Simpson Cake

Iggle Piggle

Iggle Piggle Cake

The ultimate girly cake for a little 1 year old girl.

Giant girly cupcake

A colourful cake with exploding stars for a special young lady

Exploding stars cake

Safari 3 tier cake with handmade animals and trees

Safari 3 tier cake

Princess Castle cake with handmade Beauty character

‘Beauty’ Princess Castle

Harry Potter themed spellbook cake, perfect for a birthday or Halloween

Harry Potter spell book

Tinkerbell Fairy castle cake

Tinkerbell cake

Peppa pig cake, perfect for a little girls party

Peppa pig

Number 1 cake with hearts and teddys

Number 1 cake

Circus themed cake for a 3rd birthday celebration

Circus tent and animals

Juggling Clown cake, with lots of colour!

Juggling Clown