If it's worth celebrating, it's worth ordering a unique cake for!

Cakes designed especially for the ladies.
Radio Cake

Radio Cake

Oscars Themed 30th Cake

Hollywood and Oscars Cake

Black and Gold Twins

Black and Gold Twins

Guess Handbag and Shoe

Guess Handbag and Shoe

Juicy Couture Handbag

Juicy Couture Handbag

VW Beetle Cake

VW Beetle Cake

For a vegetarian's birthday!

Steak Dinner

With many significant milestones

Game of Life Cake

Smirnoff Bottle Cake

Smirnoff Bottle Cake

A 2 tier music themed cake for an 18th birthday

Music themed cake

A 2 tier music themed cake for a 50th birthday

Music themed cake

A cake made to celebrate the birthday of a lady who loves the L5R books.

Legend of the Five Rings cake

An ASOS shoe box cake, accompanied by a handmade high top NIKE sneaker

ASOS shoe box cake

For the lady who loves to look good

Bare Minerals Makeup cake

Your puppy in cake and cupcake form!

Bichon Frise cake and cupcakes

Vintage style love bird cage with handmade roses and petals

Birdcage and roses cake

Black and gold stars

Black and gold Twins

Pale Blue Guess handbag cake with handmade shoe

Guess Handbag and shoe

A 3 tier 30th birthday Cake for a Hollywood/Oscars themed party

Hollywood and Oscar

Black and Red feathers and bows cake, with the birthday girls favourite perfume and iPod.

Feathers and bows

Louis Vuitton handbag and cupcakes

Louis Vuitton handbag and cupcakes

Safari 3 tier cake with handmade animals and trees

Safari 3 tier cake

Pauls Boutique Handbag cake with MAC makeup

Pauls Boutique handbag

Paolo Soprani Accordion cake

Paolo Soprani Accordion cake

MAC makeup and Chanel purse cake for a 21st birthday

MAC and Chanel

Green Marc Jacobs bag and Kurt Geiger shoe for a 21st party

Marc Jacobs Handbag

80th birthday cake for a lady who loves her garden and reading

Garden birthday

50th birthday cake

Flowers and stripes

Guess Handbag and Las Vegas Sign

Guess handbag

Champagne Bottle and glass for a 30th birthday

Moet Champagne bottle

Let sleeping cats lie

Sleeping kitty cake

For a lady who recently celebrated her birthday and also started working at the Globe Theatre in London.

Globe theatre

Juice Couture Handbag and handmade iPhone

Juicy Couture cake and iPhone

Guess Pink and Black 'Zebra' Print handbag and handmade shoe

Guess Handbag and Shoe

A selection of cupcakes for a hen party or girly birthday

Girly cupcakes

Pink and black 2 tier cake for a 21st party

21st birthday cake

Harry Potter themed spellbook cake, perfect for a birthday or Halloween

Harry Potter spell book

Flowers and stripes cake for a mathematician

Flowers and stripes

2 tier 50th birthday cake with high heel shoe on top

50th birthday cake

Buttercream gateau with hand-piped buttercream roses

Buttercream Roses cake

Mini Cooper sport for Alice's 30th birthday

Mini Cooper sport

Black Chanel bag, with gold accents, and handmade red Louboutin shoe

Chanel Bag and shoe

Christian Louboutin Shoebox and handmade shoes for a 30th birthday

Christian Louboutin

Juggling Clown cake, with lots of colour!

Juggling Clown